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Antoinette Fobbs


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Available in: District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina


Antoinette Fobbs is a licensed clinical social worker in the states of Maryland (MD), North Carolina (NC), and the District of Columbia (DC). Antoinette has experience working with diverse populations and considers herself an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. She has experience working with individuals who fear coming out, newly out and couples in poly relationships. She has also worked with individuals who identify as trans. She has experience working with clients who have difficulty adjusting to change/new environments, low self-esteem, little to no coping skills, difficulty communicating, high anxiety, depression and family issues. Antoinette’s empathetic and open personality welcomes a host of clients who were once reluctant to therapy. Antoinette provides a safe space for individuals to confidentially share their thoughts, experiences and troubles.

Antoinette's approach to therapy includes CBT, strength-based therapy, supportive therapy, empowerment and DBT. Antoinette believes that mindfulness and grounding are great tips to assist with decreasing anxiety. Antoinette works with her individuals to help develop coping skills such as journaling, exercise (if capable), yoga, guided meditations, positive affirmations and positive self-talk which she believes are extremely helpful tools to improve mental health. Antoinette is also big on self-care, no matter how big or small, she believes it is very important to prioritize self.

Antoinette's therapeutic style is free and open-minded. She believes that there are reasons beneath the surface for all individuals' behaviors and everyone deserves to share their thoughts and concerns in a safe space with no-judgment.

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