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  • Manuela Valdiviseo, Therapist



    Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

    Manuela Valdivieso (she/her) is a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern in the state of Florida. Manuela specializes in working with clients who identify as LGBTQIA+ and would like to improve their mental health and overall quality of life. Many of Manuela’s clients seek therapy to identify and reframe unproductive thinking, process trauma in a safe and affirming environment, and build the skills to better manage challenges they come across on their personal journeys. Manuela prioritizes maintaining a validating and non-judgmental atmosphere to help clients improve their sense of well-being in many aspects of their lives.

    Manuela’s approach to therapy considers Trauma-Informed Care with techniques drawn from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Strength-Based Therapy, and Mindfulness. Through some of these techniques, clients learn how to identify cognitive distortions and consider alternative thinking patterns that are more productive. Additionally, Manuela facilitates client empowerment by highlighting strengths and how they could be used to develop more effective coping skills.

    Manuela’s therapeutic style is collaborative, warm, and open-minded. Manuela is passionate about making access to mental health a priority, not a privilege. She believes every individual is deserving of quality care and that their journeys and identities are safe in a therapeutic setting.