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Brent Ruebensam

University of Central Florida, Orlando

Masters in Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling

Martin Avellaneda


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Available in: Florida


Meet Martin Avellaneda, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor based in Central Florida. Having earned his Master's in Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy from the University of Central Florida, Martin is uniquely qualified to provide empathetic support.

What sets Martin apart? He's culturally sensitive, sex-positive, and attuned to diverse lifestyles, including kink and polyamory/ENM. With significant experience in addressing addictions, trauma, and life stress, Martin offers a safe and accepting environment for all clients.

Martin's approach to therapy is systemic, meaning he considers both internal and external factors that shape you. Through thoughtful exploration of your past, he helps you understand what has made you who you are today. Then, by working closely with you, he helps shape the future you desire, using evidence-based techniques tailored to your needs.

Friendly yet direct, Martin's therapeutical style uses motivational interviewing to inspire and guide you towards your life goals. If you're grappling with internal conflicts, he offers "parts work" to help resolve these issues, ensuring that every counseling session is of the highest quality.

If you're looking for someone dedicated to helping you grow and succeed in your personal life, consider partnering with Martin. His unique approach and unwavering commitment to his clients make him an excellent choice for anyone seeking personal growth and healing.


Martin Avellaneda

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