shaina crisp

CBT, DBT, SFBT, Gestalt Therapy, IFS

Shaina Crisp

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Available in: Colorado


Shaina Crisp is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker residing in Colorado. Shaina specializes in working with clients who identify as LGBTQIA+ and are interested in healing from trauma on a spiritual and soul level. Many of Shaina’s clients seek therapy in order to address repressed and unprocessed traumas, including sexual abuse, grief & loss, former incarceration, childhood abuse, as well as to embrace their authentic gender & sexuality.

Shaina also enjoys working with clients who have an interest in kink, BDSM, and ethical non-monogamy. By holding space for clients with a calm and open-minded demeanor, Shaina helps clients to feel comfortable identifying and expressing their deepest truths in order to embrace and live as their true authentic selves, while also harmonizing relationships with others.

Shaina recognizes that every human is different, therefore her therapeutic style is eclectic and person-centered in approach. This means that it will vary greatly from client to client based on their unique characteristics and needs. Shaina does rely heavily on a modality called IFS (Internal Family Systems), which works to identify and build internal relationships between a client’s true self and their many different “parts.” This theory takes away the pathologizing nature of other therapeutic modalities, as it views thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as “parts” and not a person’s sole identity, creating space for clients to extend curiosity towards the depressed, substance-abusing, anxious parts of themselves instead of pushing these things away and ultimately making them worse.

Shaina has been described by her clients as a caring, compassionate, and nurturing soul, holding space for people in a way that allows them to feel seen, heard, and acknowledged for who they truly are.

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