Alternative Lifestyles

I was specifically looking for a provider with more in depth knowledge of many alternative lifestyles. Cub is patient, diversely knowledgeable, and supportive. Everything a good therapist should be, and exactly what I needed.

Looking Forward

I highly recommend a therapist such as Cub Larkin. We are only on [our] second session and I feel as if I’m finding some peace within me. I also have been given a lot of tools and assignments to work on my self-esteem and ptsd. Looking forward to next session and I hope this review

I had a fantastic experience with Cub. He created a safe and open environment. I felt seen and heard during my sessions. I grew so much during our time together. He helped me to develop tools that have empowered me to tackle things that I didn’t think were possible to tackle.

Cub does an excellent job of listening to my concerns and hearing the overall problems I am having in my life and has solutions to help me feel better.

Could not ask for a better person to work with on this journey.

Since I have connected with Cub it has been amazing. He is quick to respond to all messages and provides good resources as well as extensive support for any concerns I may wish to bring up in therapy. 10/10!

Amazing therapist! Able to jump right in and meet me where I was to be able to start getting relief within the first few sessions. Very empathetic and wonderful listener. His help was exactly what I need.

Cub is very supportive of me and listens, understands, and gives good solutions to my issues.

[Cub is an] Intuitive therapist who understands lifestyle issues.

Cub Larkin is an excellent therapist!

I had EMDR sessions with Cub, his guidance throughout the process was exactly what I needed to gain insight and confidence and control to the PSTD issues I was having problems with.